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create a link between past, present, and future

Britt Densford

Personal Historian


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What is the Process?

The process of creating a life legacy is structured around themes like family roots, how you created your own family, your work life, as well as, education, health, experiences of aging, and any other subject you might find relevant.   Interviews and recordings are conducted in the comfort of your own home.

In our initial conversation I'll answer all your questions and pricing will be discussed and decided on based on the type of legacy you select.  Your project will be unique and pricing will vary according to length, time and travel involved.

I’ll help you pull out the inherent meaning of your experiences through questioning and deep listening.  Together we will explore how your stories fit together and bring them to life by weaving a narrative that you will want to pass on as a living legacy for your family and friends.

Why leave a life review?  Leaving the next generation the opportunity to understand your perspective on the life you've lived can be an important part of a life journey. They'll learn a lot from knowing how things came about and why.  The impulse to create this meaning can be a motivation to take the time and document your life.   Your family and future generations will appreciate this great treasure.  

Many times an unexpected advantage of telling your live story is this:  as you work towards integrating your memories into a meaningful whole, a level of acceptance of all you've experienced can emerge.  It can be a time to come to terms with your choices and how they affected yourself and others - an opportunity to find peace.  Telling your story is not only a gift for future generations, but a gift to yourself. What better time is there to review where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going, then now?  

Everyone has a story that is worth telling and don’t we all hope that in the end our lives have meaning?