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Britt Densford

Personal Historian



Video Biography

Video has the unique ability to allow your audience to experience you, the storyteller, in the most immediate way by watching your facial expressions and other visual cues.  An important part of your story will be your photos and other memorabilia that will be included in the appropriate places of your storyline.  Up to 50 photos can be used to add visual impact.

Audio Biography

Are you camera shy?  A great alternative is an audio legacy.  Your voice is unique and instantly recognizable to your loved ones.  Your voice can evoke instant memories.  Many people save voice mail messages of their loved ones and play them over and over to gain comfort.  You hear the way they expressed themselves and you are taken to another time.  Audio Biographies are the most affordable way to document your stories.

Audio/Photo Legacies

Another choice would be an artful presentation of your history through your photos with audio dialogue to support the "story through photos".  You wouldn't need to be on camera - just your voice and your photos.

Ethical Will

What is an Ethical Will?  Basically, it’s the voice of your heart - a love letter you've taken the time to leave your family and loved ones.  It’s a way to leave behind more than a financial legacy - your values as well as your valuables.  If you don’t preserve and share your values, life lessons, etc., no one else will.  Future generations will be deprived of your precious perspective.  Ethical wills are highly personal and can be captured using Video or Audio technology based on your preferences.  Here is a partial list of some common themes:

personal values and beliefs

spiritual values

hopes and blessings for future generations

life lessons

love, gratitude and forgiveness

Ethical Will Workshops

In the workshop you will discover what is the most significant message you want to leave.  What are the values that were given to you that helped you navigate your life?  What do you want to be sure is handed down?  What stories from your life create the context for this valuable information?  Storytelling will be an important part of bringing these values to life.  The workshop will help you add as many details as you can think of using your 5 senses.

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