Our Life Stories Matter

create a link between past, present, and future

Britt Densford

Personal Historian



I first learned of Britt Densford’s service at a gathering of like minded artists.  As we approach “end of life” it becomes imperative to record memories and ideals and pass them on to the next generation.  Britt's professional and sensitive recording became a treasure and a gift for my children and grandchildren.


Prepping and being videotaped for my Life Review was a rare and rewarding experience.  Thanks to Britt’s steady guidance in terms of questions that led me to a deeper understanding of my journey, I was able to explore the times and events that brought meaning to my life.  

Sharing those revelations with my loved ones after my death in the form of this DVD gives me a great sense of comfort and feeling of release that I will have tied up my loose ends nicely before leaving this earth.   I think this is the richest gift we can leave our survivors.


My aunt worked with Britt a few months before her passing to create a legacy video of her personal history.  It was a wonderful process to talk with her about the questions that would be included in the video and listening to her stories as she prepared her photos.

A week after her death we watched the video for the first time.  There she was, vibrant and full of life, telling her stories and laughing again.  It meant the world to us to see her like that again.