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Britt Densford

Personal Historian


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What is a Personal Historian?

She's a person who considers your life story as "sacred".  She takes great delight in hearing about your life and documenting your legacy.

One of my clients gifted me with the above "Storyteller Doll" as she was giving away her possessions.  She told me she saw herself as the storyteller and me as the listener.  I was greatly honored and touched by her gift since all my life I have encouraged people to tell me their stories.  

The people of the New Mexico Pueblos combine their love of storytelling with their artistic skills in clay by making these symbolic Storyteller Dolls.  The very first doll was created at Cochiti Pueblo just down the road from my home.

I've been a working artist for the last 30 years and am now passionate about the importance of helping people document their lives through video and audio technology.  Fortunately, for me, my artistic eye is still engaged through the creative process of editing, allowing me to create beautiful video or audio legacies for you and your loved ones.